A warning to the people
The good and the evil
To the soldier, the civillian
The martyr, the victim
This is war
They thought the war was over. They thought the spilt blood of their loved ones had come to an end. How wrong they had been.
Fortunately for you she is OPEN. 

The oldest of Ron and Hermione Weasley’s children, Rose seemed to inherit all the best qualities for the two of them.  As a baby, she seemed to excel in nearly every aspect; learning to talk and walk months before other babies her age. As she grew, it was obvious that as long as Rose was determined not a single thing could stand in her way to accomplish something. Though she was only two years old when her brother Hugo entered the world, Rose knew right away that not a single thing would harm her brother; not without stepping through her first.

Family was and is everything to Rose, though in a family as large as the Weasley’s it’s hard to have it any other way. While some children spite their parents, Rose couldn’t be closer to either of them. Rose was practically the spitting image of her mother, which was probably why Ron was so fond of his daughter. The Weasley home was always full of laughter and love, and though leaving her family behind to start school was difficult, it was a new adventure for the young girl. Before she boarded the train, her father pointed out Scorpius Malfoy and insisted she stay away, but beat him in every test, and to this day she’s done exactly that.

The sorting ceremony had been nerve wracking for the young girl, but as soon as the hat placed her in Gryffindor, Rose knew this was exactly where she belonged. Her entire family had been lions, so it was only tradition that she too wore the red and gold with pride. With her mother’s intelligence, Rose passed every class with flying colors, making friends every step of the way with her dad’s charisma. Never outspoken but always holding her ground, students knew that while Rose was quiet, she wasn’t one to be toiled with.

Now in her sixth year, Rose is adamant that this is one of her most important years in school. This year could make or break her future, and while she’s always been one for a friendly outing, there’s less and less time for that now. Though studies should be at the top of her agenda, the idea that her parents could be in danger has become quiet the distraction. With her cousin James preparing for war that might not even be happening, Rose is unsure what she should do, though if it came down to it, she’d do anything to protect her family.


Iris Zambini: For some reason, she just can’t stand the Slytherin girl. Be it her obvious outgoing personality, or her complete lack of disregard for others feelings, Rose has never liked her.

Rachel Davies: Rose has sort of taken Rachel under her wing. Rachel is clumsy and shy, but Rose sees a glowing personality underneath all the awkward.

Samuel Carrow: The two have knocked heads more than once. Samuel always seems to be around when Rose’s temper gets the best of her, and he loves to make her squirm.

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Fortunately for you he is OPEN.  

After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Malfoy name was only held together by the fact that they had left the war with their family. It was evident to those who were willing to look deep enough that the Malfoy’s had wanted out of the war a long time ago. Draco’s marriage to Astoria Greengrass was incredibly beneficially, as the Greengrass family was just as wealthy as the Malfoy’s. After the war, while most tended to keep their mouth shut about pureblood supremacy, Astoria didn’t, nor did Lucius Malfoy; claiming that they had been the down fall of the Malfoy name.

Scorpius grew up listening to the two get into heated discussions about how mudbloods and blood traitors were a species that needed to be rid from the world. Draco, ever eager to please his father, agreed and thus Scorpius Malfoy was born into a world of pureblood idealists. He was still given all the perks of living in a pureblood family, and was raised very similarly to how Draco was. Whatever he wanted was his, as long as he remembered that what he had was because he was pure of blood. With a silver tongue, Scorpius is quick to strike down anyone who tries to speak ill of those he considers his friends or family.

Upon his entry to Hogwarts, the Slytherin house was eager to have another Malfoy, and Scorpius donned the green and silver with his nose high in the air. He was privileges, and among the elite, the students needed to know that, even if the Malfoy name had been slandered once before. While class isn’t a high priority, a howler from his mother is the last thing Scorpius wants, thus his interest in potions and defense against the dark arts. When he’s not in class he is with his house mates, wandering the halls picking on those less fortunate.

Life had been kind to Scorpius, and with whispers of the Army members disappearing, it only seems to be getting sweeter. Those that caused his families downfall are finally getting what they deserve, and Scorpius can’t wait until he proves himself worthy of the Dark Mark so that he too can make them pay for what they did to his family. This war could secure his place among those most noble, and Scorpius will do whatever he needs to do because honoring your family name is the most important task a son can accomplish.   


James Sirius Black: While the boy is older than Scorpius, it doesn’t stop the two from competing in every aspect of school. James’ father is the reason Scorpius’ family had to work so hard to rise to the top, and he won’t watch his family fall again at the hands of nother Potter.

Teddy Remus Lupin: The closest person Scorpius has to family. Family is important, but the slytherin can’t seem to understand why he would want to befriend someone like James.

Christopher Dolohov: If there’s anyone Scorpius idolizes, it’s Christopher. He instills fear into students, though he’s also charming and manipulative. He is the perfect example of what a Slytherin should be, and Scorpius has tried to follow in his foot steps every year they’ve been in school together.

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― Sample Application ―

Please remember that your application doesn’t have to match mine. You can make it longer or shorter or whatever you want, it’s YOUR application. I’m just looking to see how well you understand the character!


Name: Here is where you’ll put whatever you’d like to be known by.

Age: Here is where you’ll put how old you are. 

Timezone: Here is where you’ll but what time of day you’ll be on. 

Activity: Please explain your free time. For example: I work 5 days a week, but I lurk all day and and have no life outside of Tumblr on the weekends. 

How’d you come across this RP?:Which tag did you find this in?

What drew you to the character you are auditioning for?:This is really for my curiosity. Was it the fc? Was it the bio? How do you plan plan to portray this character? Stuff like that. 


Character Name:Rosalyn Rhea Lestrange. Rhea is associated with Greek Mythology. She is known as “the mother of gods” but not seen as a goddess herself. A fitting name for a girl who is supposed to rise to power and control, though hardly sees herself in such a position.  (You can make up middle names if you’d like, though they aren’t required.)

Birthday:June 21st. (You can make these up too.)

Wand:9 Inches. Hawthorn wood and a Dragon Heartstring core, fashioned to look like a Runespoor snake. The wand is a constant reminder of the life Rosalyn was forced to live. Hawthorn is a contradictory wood, carved from a tree that represents life, but smells of death. The young girl looks like someone on the outside, but has been forged into something completely different within herself. Dragon Heartstring produces the most powerful spells, something which Rosalyn doesn’t take lightly. They are quick learning centers, and though their allegiance can change, their bond is strong with their owner. The snakelike structure didn’t get past the girl either. Obviously, being sorted into Slytherin, the wand was a perfect fit, but not many know the story behind the Runespoor snake. A three headed serpent, that is a planner, a critic, and a dreamer. It’s a highly venomous snake, that is known to bite off one of it’s own heads, if the head’s thoughts begin to stray to far, often resulting in the snakes own death. 

Boggart:Her boggart is simply her family turning their backs on her, leaving her alone. Up until this point in her life, Rosalyn has don’t everything to make them proud, but now that her thoughts stray towards a different path, she is concerned that they will see her as weak, and dispose of her. 

Patronus:Rosalyn is unable to produce a patronus. 

Clubs: (list of clubs can be found here) She is the Slytherin quidditch seeker, and a 6th year prefect. 

5-7 Characteristics you’ll give the character:

Ambitious: Wether Rosalyn goes down the path of her family, or lays down her own path, she is going to go places. The one thing her family has given her is the proper tools to make  a name for herself. She is intelligent, strong, and persuasive and she is so much more than some Ministry desk job. 

Candid: This is not a girl who holds back what’s on her mind, given she’s in the proper scenario to do so. If you’re being an idiot, she’s going to tell you. If you’re getting on her nerves or something isn’t the way it should be, Rosalyn isn’t likely to bite her tongue about it. 

Cunning: The most well known trait of the Slytherin house; it was no surprise that Rosalyn showed how cunning she could be from an early age. Be it her trying to manipulate her way into getting something, or using her words to get others to divulge their secrets to her, Rosalyn has always gotten what she wants. 

Dutiful: Above all else, Rosalyn honors her family name. Though she is having doubts about her place in the upcoming war, what choice does she have? If your family asks something of you, you do it without hesitation. 

Eloquent: Purebloods still have lavish parties, and boys are supposed to be gentlemen and ladies are supposed to compliment their husbands. From an early age, the girl was taught to say please and thank you, to curtsey and take a compliment. She knows what to say and when to say it, and her maturity is far superior to most her age. 

Isolated: Despite how open she may appear to those around her, there a less than a handful of people she discloses her most intimate thoughts to. She was given a purpose, and that was not to make life long friends and talk about where they see themselves in ten years. Rosalyn has a job, and she is going to execute it without her feelings getting in the way. 

Observant: Rosalyn has a knack for watching people. She could be talking to one person, but watching three other people, taking in every action. It’s the reason her father gave her the duty of gathering secrets from “the other side’. 

500+ Word In Character Para sample: If you’re having trouble deciding what to write about, please come to me and I can give you a few ideas!

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sample app;  

Just a note!

If you are currently working on an application, I did slightly modify (added one question simply for my curiosity) so please make sure that is in your app before you submit!

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I apologize for my absence, these last few days have been insane. However, I do have some things to post! Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley , and Selina Carrow’s bios are complete, so those will be posted once I find a moment. Also, a few people have asked to see sample application, which I will get to so expect that in the next day or so! 

If there is a specific character you’re interested in, please let me know and I will work on them as fast as I can! 

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Anonymous: How will the characters that are 18+ interact with the students still at hogwarts?

I’m still going to have the kids that are 18 years old be in their 7th year. Because 11 year olds are first years, then 18’s are in the 7th. Hope that makes sense!

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Anonymous: Will you be having Teddy Lupin in this RP?

Yep! He’s gonna be a little AU seeing as how in the books he’s older. But he’ll be a 7th year Gryffindor with the fc of Ben Barnes!

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Fortunately for you he is OPEN.

Few children are born with so much room to be whatever they wanted to be. Lysander Scamander was an exception to that rule. Alongside his twin brother, the two were given complete control of their own futures, taught never to believe something unless you saw it with your own eyes. Though of course as two sons of Loony Lovegood began testifying, people rarely believed their ramblings.

Lysander and Lorcan lived a life full of wonder. In a tiny cottage in the woods, the brothers explored every inch of the woods, searching for wild creatures their grandfather had once told them about. Though the two were twins, they both had their differences. Lorcan preferred to keep to the woods away from people. The boys had their fair amount of teasing, and while Lysander could handle it, Lorcan kept his distance.

Even as the boys said their goodbye’s to their parents before boarding the Hogwarts Express, Lysander quickly took to talking with other students while Lorcan sat quietly the entire train ride. No matter how many friends Lysander made, Lorcan would always be his best friend. They were twins, and that was an inseparable bond.

Like his mother, Lysander found his way into the house of the wise, finding comfort in the fact that his intelligence was recognized. His genuine heart made it easy for others to approach him, and as the years went by, the shy quiet child seemed to disappear. In his spare time, Lysander tends to tutor other students in any given subject. There isn’t one he’s not good at, though Care of Mystical Creatures has always been his favorite. He even participates in extracurricular activities, often joining in with fellow housemates whenever a position needs to be filled. He is without a doubt, one of the last genuine boys around, and girls are quick to throw a sweet smile his way; though he usually turns bright red before he can make out a hello.

The threat of another uprising has Lysander in a difficult situation. Part of him knows that he should stand up for what’s right like his mother did all those years ago, but he also knows that he has never been a fighter. The idea of drawing a wand at a fellow student sends shivers down his spine. So for now, he’s going to keep a smile on his face, his head in his books, and try to make it through his last year at Hogwarts.


Dominique Weasley: If it weren’t for Lorcan, Lysander would probably consider the girl his best friend. Ever since she stepped foot into Ravenclaw, the two have been friends. She’s sweet, kind, intellegent, and not to mention she’s beautiful, but the thought of anything more causes Lysander to turn into that shy boy he used to be.

Cara Dearborn: He tutors her from time to time in potions, though she thinks it’s a waste of time. The two usually end up laughing off their lesson.

Albus Potter: He sees a bit of himself in the young Gryffinfor. Albus is quiet like he used to be, but he’s also incredibly bright. The two study on occasion, and Lysander gives him tips on how to deal with each professor.

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Fortunately for you he is OPEN

With a name like Potter, it’s difficult to not let it get to your head. James Sirius Potter has never seemed to make a name for himself but rather he’s often heard saying “I’m Harry Potter’s kid, you can’t give me detention!” From a young age, it was easy to see that James was very much like his namesakes. He was often getting into trouble due to his knack for mischief. He often snuck around his family home, even stealing the Marauder’s Map from his father’s desk every now and again. As the oldest of three siblings, James had a fierce sence of preotection over his brother and sister, and would even go as far as blaming himself if one of them got hurt or into trouble.

As his eleventh birthday came around, the idea that Hogwarts was just around the corner sent James into a frenzy of excitement. Finally, after hearing all the stories from his parents and aunts and uncles, he would have his own adventure within the walls of the school. It was no surprise to James, nor anyone who watched the young Potter boy place the hat on his head, to hear the Sorting Hat exclaim that he was to spend the next seven years in Gryffindor. There was no other house for him, James knew that, and he took his place among the lions with his head held high.

The boy fit in easily with his housemates, causing trouble and filling the room with laughter whenever he entered it. His years within Hogwarts seemed to be flying by; that was until the Army started disappearing. Immediately, James began to fear for the safety of his parents, and though he knew he couldn’t exactly up and leave school, he knew he had to do something to protect them. During his grandparents time in school an army within the halls had been built, and his father had been at the head of the army last time a war had brewed. It only seemed to be a tradition he needed to partake in. It was no doubt the nasty Slytherin’s were plotting something, and he wouldn’t sit by and watch another person go missing. He was going to fight, just like his parents had. James is determined to build a resistance, and he’s got his eye set on the Lestrange daughter. Her name is enough to cause suspission, though throughout the years, the two have established some sort of odd friendship? James is smart enough to know that looking for the good in people is a waste of time when there’s no good to be found.


Teddy Remus Lupin: The two are closer than James and his own brother. Constantly getting into mischief and trouble, the boys are often seen trying to talk their way out of detention. James trusts Teddy with his life, and there isn’t a person on earth that could come between the two.

Rosalynn Lestrange: As the two were young, the two some how managed to become friends, before they realized they were ment to be on opposite sides of a war. As the strain between sides thickened, the two managed to maintain a secret sort of friendship.

Scorpius Malfoy: Just like their father’s, the two have managed to become each others greatest rivials. Every test taken, and every class passed has only been an excuse to show how much better James is than him.

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As the only daughter with two brothers to Harry and Ginny Potter, Lily Luna Potter knows how it feels to be sheltered. All her life, her family had made sure she never climbed a tree that was to tall, or ran to fast down a hill, but when it came down to it, she was a Potter, and Potter’s were ment to get a scraped knee now and again. Even as the youngest of three, it was evident to anyone who watched the siblings play that Lily had no problem keeping up with her brothers. As the youngest chilld, Lily had to watch as her older brother’s boarded the train year after year on the Hogwarts Express, while she was left at home immpatiently waiting for her turn.

With each passing year, it became more and more evident that Lily was just like her mother. She had a firey personallity to match her hair, and she was brave and willing to stand up to those who acted better than everyone else. That was why, when her time finally came to join her brother’s at school, the Sorting Hat didn’t need a moment to think before it placed her in the house of Gryffindor. Already close with her brothers, being sorted into the same house only seemed to secure their relationship; Lily having an equally close relationship with both James and Albus.

Even though her brother’s had entered the house before her, Lily had no problem fitting in, easily making friends with every single one of her housemates. Her kind heart and witty nature made it easy for her to befriend nearly anyone, and her fierce loyalty is what kept those new friends so close. Not only is she easy to talk to, but her intellgence within the classroom and ability to quickly master even difficult spells is a surprise to most professors. While James seems to only care about having a good time, and Albus can’t seem to get his nose out of the books, Lily has found the perfect middle groud of balancing her social life, school life, and extracirricular activites all at once.

Even without being a daughter to The Boy Who Lived, Lily easily made a name for herself as one of Hogwart’s most genuine students. Hogwarts has been the time of her life, though now that Army member’s seem to be disappearing, Lily is smart enough to know that a target has been put on her parents backs. While James is eager to bring his wand to the ready, Lily intends to be there with the sole intention of keeping her loved ones safe.


David Diggle: The hufflepuff boy never fails to make her laugh, and whenever Lily seems to be having a particularly rough day, he’s never failed to put a smile on her face.

Christine Clearwater: The two girls bonded immediately over their natural knowledge. Christine pushes Lily’s learning, and Lily tends to get Christine to open up out of her shell.

Alexander Pucey: For whatever reason, the slytherin doesn’t ever seem to give her a break. Every day, rain or shine he is there to tease her, though Lily is usually able to out wit him.

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